Monday, October 10, 2016

How To Take Candy Into The Theatre

WALT: Write Procedures about how to do stuff and check it against our success criteria

My writing has a title that relates to the goal of my procedure.
I have stated the goal of my procedure
I have listed the materials (things you will need)
My sentences start with a verb

How To Take Candy Into The Theatre

Goal: Getting Candy Into The Theatre

Step 1: First buy your candy

Step 2: Buy your tickets

Step 3: Walk outside

Step 4: Put Your Candy In Your Pockets (make sure they can't see)

Step 5: Walk inside

Step 6: Go find your movie room and get a seat at the back (So no one sees you eating it)

Step 7: Wait till the movie is on so everybody is focused on the screen

Step 8:  Get out your candy and eat it while covering yourself with your arm

Step 9: Your done

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