Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Procedural Writing

We were learning to write procedures about what we made with Mr Lindsay, this is my results of them

How to make Pita Bread

Himalayan Salt
Cooking Spray
Olive Oil
Warm Water

1.Put Yeast into a bowl then put 2 and half cup of flour into the bowl next put 1 cup of warm water in
2.Put 1 tsp of Salt and olive oil into bowl
3.Wait till Yeast sets in a container with cooking spray covered over container
4. Put bowl of salt & oil in with the Yeast and flour into kneading machine.
5.Slowly let it knead while getting a rubber spoon and scrape the flour off the sides
6.When it's done take it out
7.Roll it into a circle
8.Put it into a frying pan & cook for about 5 minutes
9.Take it out then out rosemary & himalayan salt, cut it then eat

How to make pizza


  1. Put yeast into bowl with 1 and half cup with 1 cup warm water
  2. Put 1 tsp salt & olive oil into kneading machine
  3. Slowly knead it while using rubber spoon to scrape flour offsides
  4. When done take it out
  5. Start rolling into circle
  6. Fry it on a frying pan for about 5 minutes on both sides
  7. Take it out
  8. Put tomato paste all over with grated cheese, cut ham & cut pineapple onto it
  9. Put the pizza onto a baking plate
  10. Put it in the oven for 8 minutes
  11. Take it out, cut it up & eat

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



“Phwwwww,” Bang!!” the fireworks blew, it sounded like a shotgun firing above me. As I sat in the car, Jordon opens the door to tell me to come play touch”
“Ok then” I gasped
“Come” he said
We strolled down to the beach where everyone else was playing
“Go, Kick It”
Jordon kicks it & I chase to get the ball.
When we played, the night was covering more spots in the sky, darkening the area so we couldn't see. But we still played!!.

When we stopped playing I watched the fireworks shoot up into the sky, blasting immense rainbow colors of particles around the place. Some were loud, some were faint.  

This is my writing I did to practice using more detailed words  in subjects

Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Cybersmart DLO

We had Chris Bell on Thursday & he came in to teach us about Cybersmart & Cyberbullys
This is my poster about Internet Creeps

Monday, October 31, 2016

Waka Ama Fun

Yesterday we had Waka Ama at the beach near Copthorne. Rob, our Waka Ama teacher showed us how to paddle and turn in different directions. When we were ready to go we put our life jackets on, and started paddling down the beach waters, pulling the water back behind us. While we were paddling he told us how to turn, stop and slow down. That day was fun

Sunday, October 30, 2016

World Of Maths

Today we had World of maths come into our Whare. What we had to do was figure out strategies on how to fix and complete maths puzzles. My favorite puzzle was when we had to fill all the hexagons with different shapes while we put the red hexagon in its spot, filling every space. In these photos is Izak and Haami by their favorite maths puzzle

Monday, October 10, 2016

How To Take Candy Into The Theatre

WALT: Write Procedures about how to do stuff and check it against our success criteria

My writing has a title that relates to the goal of my procedure.
I have stated the goal of my procedure
I have listed the materials (things you will need)
My sentences start with a verb

How To Take Candy Into The Theatre

Goal: Getting Candy Into The Theatre

Step 1: First buy your candy

Step 2: Buy your tickets

Step 3: Walk outside

Step 4: Put Your Candy In Your Pockets (make sure they can't see)

Step 5: Walk inside

Step 6: Go find your movie room and get a seat at the back (So no one sees you eating it)

Step 7: Wait till the movie is on so everybody is focused on the screen

Step 8:  Get out your candy and eat it while covering yourself with your arm

Step 9: Your done

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How To Make A Playstatiion 3 Online Account

WALT: Write Procedures about how to do stuff and check it against our success criteria

My writing has a title that relates to the goal of my procedure.
I have stated the goal of my procedure
I have listed the materials (things you will need)
My sentences start with a verb

How to make a Playstation 3 online account

Goal: To make a Playstation 3 online account

Playstation 3

First, Turn on your Playstation
Second, Scroll to Create New User
Third, Click It
Fourth, Scroll to Playstation Network
Fifth, Go on Sign Up
Sixth, Click Create New
Seventh, Put your Date of birth and country in the boxes
Eighth, Put your email address and create a new password and put it into the boxes
Ninth, Click Done
Tenth, Create your Online ID (Who People see your name as)
Eleventh, Click Done
Twelfth, Scroll down & click done
Thirteenth, Click Ok
Fourteenth,Go onto into your emails with the account you logged onto your ps3 with
Fifthteen, Click onto the email
Sixteenth, Click Verify
Seventeenth, Go onto your ps3 & click Sign In
Eighteenth, Your signed into Playstation Network

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Six-Word Summer

Today we learnt to credit peoples names or company in who made the photos we got the images off
I got my image at the background from Creative Commons(CC) 3.0 and it was remixed by me

Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Maori Slides

Last week we had to name New Zealand places and match emoji's to the right words

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs

On Thursday I read a story called The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs
We were learning to find and write down the key parts of the story into a table

Title of story: The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs
The bad guy/girl: The Wolf
What he did wrong in the story: He went to the first little pigs house uninvited then sneezed and blew down his house and the first pig died then ate the first pig.
Then the wolf went the the first pigs brother, uninvited and huffed and puffed and blew his house down and he killed the pig then ate that pig.
Then the wolf went to the first and second little pigs brother, uninvited and huffed and puffed and tried to blow his house down, causing a scene
The wolf’s excuses for his actions: He needed a cup of sugar for his granny’s cake because he ran out and he had a bad cold that made him sneeze.
Any other excuses that you might have for his actions: He tripped up and knocked over the first two houses.
The pig pushed him to get out of his house then he fell, hitting the house making it fall over.
The wolf was walking while looking down and didn't see the houses.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Burkini Ban

Last week I read a story about French Towns banning women from wearing a Burkini.
I did a poster about this article and what I think at the end.

The 6 De Bono's Hats

Monday, August 29, 2016

Helgen Attack


Once there was a village named Helgen full with village people. The village stood in a remote location with tall trees towering over it.  The only thing that was near Helgen was a dark giant cave engraved in a mountain with a scowling dragon watching over the people.

The people of the village were always happy. They danced around in joy and celebrated every moment of their life. At the top stood Laslo, the mighty king. He was a king who did anything to keep his citizens safe. Laslo's medieval knights, Quzi, Smosh and Jack were patrolling around the village looking for intruders, or the bad guys. His men were Loyal, trustworthy people who secured the village with their life.
There was a boy named Jeb and his mother named Alexstra who were always worried about everything. They were people who liked Living and Nature, But one day…

“Mommy why are there trees breaking?” said Jeb“I don't know but let's go tell the Guard!” Alexstra said “Uhm excuse me, my son said he heard trees falling” said Alexstra.“Hey Quzi let's go check out this forest” said JackThe two knights wandered off to check, but as soon as the walked through the gates,

RAAAAARR!! The dragon yelled, jumping out of the bush.

The two knights ran back into the village securing everyone into the castle.

The people where terrified and jumped backwards as far as they can.

The knights were suprised that a dragon lived near them.

“Get the bows Smosh” said Laslo

Smosh ran to get the bow and arrows down the hall while Quzi & Jack fought off the dragon.

Smosh sprinted as fast as he could to get the Bows, they lay just five rooms ahead of him

“I got them” Smosh shouted

Smosh ran back gasping for air, but he would do anything for the citizens. Smosh kept running until he got to his destination.

“Here King Laslo” Smosh said while restoring his lungs with air. Both of them ran down and started aiming at the dragon.

The dragon let out a roar, spewing acid from the back of his throat, out towards the village

The dragon traveled around the village eroding whatever came in its path“This dragon is mighty” Laslo whispered to himself

“Phh” Quzi let go of the arrow making a whistling sound on its way to the dragon. The arrow slit the flesh piercing through the heart of the dragon. The dragon ROARED leaving echoing sounds traveling through the forest.

When the area was clear, the citizens of Helgen were relieved that the dragon was gone and there will be no more chaos. The village thanked the knights and king for their bravery.

“Horrah!, Horrah!, Horrah.!” they yelled

It will take many months to rebuild this chaotic mess but nothing can stop us” Laslo said to himself. Laslo and his three men were proud of themselves so they congratulated everyone with a nice cold drink...