Sunday, October 9, 2016

How To Make A Playstatiion 3 Online Account

WALT: Write Procedures about how to do stuff and check it against our success criteria

My writing has a title that relates to the goal of my procedure.
I have stated the goal of my procedure
I have listed the materials (things you will need)
My sentences start with a verb

How to make a Playstation 3 online account

Goal: To make a Playstation 3 online account

Playstation 3

First, Turn on your Playstation
Second, Scroll to Create New User
Third, Click It
Fourth, Scroll to Playstation Network
Fifth, Go on Sign Up
Sixth, Click Create New
Seventh, Put your Date of birth and country in the boxes
Eighth, Put your email address and create a new password and put it into the boxes
Ninth, Click Done
Tenth, Create your Online ID (Who People see your name as)
Eleventh, Click Done
Twelfth, Scroll down & click done
Thirteenth, Click Ok
Fourteenth,Go onto into your emails with the account you logged onto your ps3 with
Fifthteen, Click onto the email
Sixteenth, Click Verify
Seventeenth, Go onto your ps3 & click Sign In
Eighteenth, Your signed into Playstation Network

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